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The most popular development platform for Java


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NetBeans IDE is an open-source development software for developing programs in Java, which is one of the most prevalent programming languages today.

Learning this program has become essential for anyone who is interested in developing cross-platform applications.

It doesn't matter if you're going to install it on a computer running Linux, Windows, or Mac OS X because the program works the same regardless.

With NetBeans you can develop apps by just dragging and dropping items onto the interface layout. If you are already familiar with the .NET framework, it won't be hard for you to learn the new JLabels, JButtons, or JTextFields.

NetBeans IDE doesn't just allow you to create amazing desktop applications, but also web and mobile apps for devices such as smartphones and Pocket PC, without having to change the programming.

NetBeans employs the use of modules for programming. It provides dozens of different modules for users on its website, where you can go to find better applications.

You must have the development platform Java Development Kit (JDK) installed on your computer in order to install NetBeans.